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25% Discount for all medical growers – Contact Us for your discount code today”


There are many methods to germinate cannabis seeds, our preferred method is to germinate in a paper towel. It is the most simple method and when it comes to seeds all they need is warmth, air and water. So there is no need to complicate the matter.

For this method, you will need

  • Two clean plates
  • Paper Towel
  • Seeds
  • Water (Preferably distilled)

Step 1

Put a couple layers of paper towel onto a plate and soak it, so it is wet but without standing water

Step 2

Place the seeds onto the paper towel

Step 3

Cover the seeds with a few more layers of paper towel and soak it as you did the bottom. We want a nice damp cocoon for the seeds without drowning them.

Step 4

Place the second plate upside down on top of the first plate and find yourself a warm dark place to leave them (ideally 20-25°c / 67-78°f)

Step 5

Every 12 hours or so just check on them and drop a little extra water onto them to keep your paper towel damp.

Step 6

In 48-72 hours they should swell and crack open, revealing a small white tap root. Note: Seeds can take as long as 5-6 days to germinate so please be patient!

Step 7

Once you can see the tap root through the crack on the shell they are ready to be transplanted to your 1st grow medium (cubes, loose soil, pellets).

Please remember we guarantee the germination of all of our seeds if germinated in a proper manner. We understand that not everyone uses this method but do require a full explanation of the germination method as a part of any warranty claims.


Please Note: Seeds may only be germinated when legal to do so, we cannot condone the breaking of local or international laws.