25% Discount for all medical growers – Contact Us for your discount code today”

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25% Discount for all medical growers – Contact Us for your discount code today”



TRU North Genetics is a collective of cannabis enthusiasts, growers, ex-growers and breeders with over 30 years of industry experience between them. Over this time we’ve traveled the world, both exploring local cannabis culture and being involved in the industry. Through this, we have built a network of extract artists, bakers, growers and most importantly breeders; which spans multiple continents.

Over the years we’ve leveraged this network to gain access to the latest and greatest in cannabis techs and strains from around the world for our personal projects. Now we’ve decided to open it up to everyone. While all of us have growing and breeding experience, we don’t take the credit for any of these strains. These strains are all produced by the breeders within our network, breeders we’ve known and worked with for years. Guys who’ve been the source of the genetics for our own grow’s, are now able to make their genetics available to you. What this means is that we will only release genetics that have a tried, tested and proven track record. We understand that space in your grow room is sacred, and we want to make sure that every plant that goes inside deserves its place.

With the changing legal landscape in Canada, we believe it is more important than ever to give access to both medical patients and recreational cannabis users to these genetics. Our forefathers in the cannabis industry fought long and hard to preserve, create and share these genetics; we need to do the same. Cannabis is a special plant, and it is this bio-diversity that makes it so. Preserving this allows us to find exactly what we need, be it the strain that perfectly suits our particular medical needs, our favourite flavour, or just the perfect high for the perfect moment.

We all deserve this after the battle we’ve come through.



Cannabis is what we do, we’ve been growers, buyers, breeders and smokers. We’ve worked both for the love of the plant and deep within the industry both sides of the Atlantic, so we know how it works. Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground, to allow you to focus on your garden.


Our seeds are tested for both uniformity and germination rates on a regular basis, by both ourselves and the breeders. We work closely with our growing partners here in Canada and the breeders in Europe, Canada & the USA to ensure that the product you get is the product you deserve. All seeds are backed by our germination guarantee.


T.R.U North Genetics is founded upon the principle that it is important to work together within the industry, we are a network built through the love of this plant. By buying T.R.U. North Genetics seeds you are joining our family. We are helping to preserve and share the genetics that our canna-family have fought long and hard to make available.